Stop what you are doing. Breathe. And remember where you used to be.


Forget what you think you know. Forget art, forget instagram, forget Design.


All life is a product of the sun. But someday the sun will die.


Everything you do is a flower.


Men have always cried. Men will always cry.


Every one of us is no different than a bird.


Yet we have consciousness, and we think we are special. This is the beautiful glitch.


We are not afraid of the dark.


We are all Oracles.


We say to ourselves : "I am the most beautiful thing in the entire universe.


There are things ONLY YOU CAN KNOW.


Right now.
Listen to your surroundings.


Let's look closer.


We must never forget where we came from. - No matter how painful.


Sometimes we all need to hide. And thats OK!


LET IT ALL OUT when necessary.


Isn't it crazy that ultimately, we are all decaying?


When we look closely, we expose ourselves. Do it anyway.


There is a light inside death.


There is a darkness inside death.



Part of the struggle of modern man is to balance the notion of being "inside the system" with the notion of self-identity. We simultaneously exist as wheels in a cog AND unimaginable beings of pure energy. Use BOTH to your advantage.


Sexiness will always crack the status quo.


Every man is also an animal.


Remember the loves we have lost. Hold on to them.


No matter how immobilized we may feel, we remain human and amorphous and DYNAMIC.


Gather around the shadowy flickr of our campfire, the internet and tell ghost stories.


Take the time to look into someone else's eyes and consider that they are just another baby like you.


Once in a while, let it all go. Take a vacation and put your computer down. Leave behind your social networks and experience the ocean like our primitive forefathers and the Beach Boys did.


Every time we try to record something it loses part of what it is.


When we capture photos or videos or tweets we are trying to grasp immortality. But do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?


Its true that "all the world's a stage" but NONE OF US are in a starring role OR an extra. But somewhere in between. The REAL reality exists simultaneously OUSIDE and INSIDE each of us.


We always listen to others, no matter how unimaginable their perspective may be.


There are always patterns. But those patterns may be hard to grasp.


The beautiful ones probably feel just as trapped as we do.


We are all beautiful. Yet we are all buried under a bunch of rigid systems. Own your beauty and wear the system like a battle scar.


We are all looking at the world through infinite lenses.


We will be more effective when we take action if we forget what we THINK WE ARE.



"Nothing can define me."

Own that.
Thanks everyone. Great work. - kris